Putting simple back into scalability

As an architect sometimes I need to look into how to scale stuff. Striking the right balance on how to build something which is easy to administer at the same time as being simple.

Today I stumbled across this post from a few years back. This post is a great example of how to think in scalability in a way that basically scales almost infinitely.

The post confirms what I have always believed to be at good scalability principle. The keyword to high performance is to minimise the effect of dynamic content. Once you take away the dynamic nature and essentially reduce your content to flat files a whole world of options for optimizing performance opens up to you. Options ranging all the ways from varnish, memcached for caching options and multiple ways of syncing filesystems to scale horizontally

(red: Originally posted on Linked in here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/putting-simple-back-scalability-jens-arnt)

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