Free .. at last

I have just made the biggest decission in my professional life .. and I am both scared and happy at the same time.

I have resigned my position as Lead IT Architect and I am starting my own business !

Why have I done such an risky thing ? you might ask yourself. Well I will try to share with you why this is important to me now.

I need to be happy about what I do. For some years it has been someone else’s agenda and increasingly an agenda that goes against what I personally believe in.
I have soooo many things that I want to try our, ranging from applications in the social/mobile sphere and to pure consultency engagements.
I need to take back control of my professional life. I need to take it where I want it to be.
Being my own Boss have long been a dream for me. I am forever grateful for my marvelous girlfriend, Gitte who pushed me the last mile. Finally I have the perfect combination of support from home and the personal currage to make it happen.
I have long been drawn to the startup environments. Attending TechBBQ here in Copenhagen definitely helped me make the final decision. I definitely need to get involved with others in the same situation as me, both for offering help, but equally important to seek help.
First and foremost I need to bring the joy back to my professional life by doing something that makes me happy. I believe that testing out the may different things that I have on my list to try out, will make me a bit sharper on what exactly that will be.

I promise you one thing .. my journey will NOT be boring ..

Watch this space .. I will be sharing my thoughts as I work my way though the list of things to try.

PS. If you have exciting ideas I’m open for trying new stuff as well 🙂

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